Toxic Link Removal

What is it?

Google penalizes thousands of web-pages every day. The latest updates such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pay Day Loan downs many business into sea of losses. Because of this only, toxic link removal becomes an essential SEO activity for many businesses. Toxic link removal service involves a full backlink analysis on your domain to find the culprit links and recover the website in shortest possible time. The bad links gets eliminated and the website maintains better compliance with Google.

Expert service on toxic link removal protect company's online asset from negative SEO. The team creates clean backlink profile and crawl the Google bot to right site. Clients can build search engine trust in their site which in turn improves ranking and increase clicks.

How toxic link removal works for the website?

Toxic link removal ensures removal of duplicate content, clear out the keyword meta tags, eliminate the overuse of same keyword, cut down of useless ads, and follow other SEO best practices. The experts implement effective link removal procedure such as:


  • Analysis of current backlink profile
  • Sending request to website administrator
  • Delete backlinks
  • Write a report to Google
  • Linking with content

Why one should go for Unitdigitals services:

Unitdigitals is market leader in removing toxic link from websites. We put forward our steps to recover website's from penalties and bad backilnks. The company adopts White hat SEO tactics in link removal, so that websites can rack high and make out good revenue. We primarily focus on:


  • Recovering rank
  • Fix and prevent Google penalties
  • Expert support for beneficial execution
  • Real time reporting

Why choose us?

Unitdigitals  understand how important the healthy links are. We have proven technologies to make your website standout in crowd. For more information on any of the service, please contact us today at +91-9853537697  or by email at

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