Q: What is your payment terms?
Ans: Our payment is upfront and monthly basis for the SEO SMO services. For a web development project, you need to pay 60% in advance and the rest 40% after completion of the work.

Q: What mode of payment do you accept?
Ans: We are accepting payments through Paypal and Wire transfers. For the payment, we'll send you invoices to your email or you can make payment using our payment URL. For the wire transfer, we'll provide you with our complete account details. Using Paypal you can make payment through your PayPal id or credit card or debit card.

Q: What is your refund policy?
Ans: There is no refund after completion of 15 days from the payment received date.

Q: Do you have NDA/Contract?
Ans: No, we don't have any contract or long term lock-in period. But if the client needs, we can sign NDA where we'll mention all the service details we'll deliver.

Q: What is the meaning of the number of keywords mentioned in plan details?
Ans: The number of keywords means how many keywords we'll use to promote your website in search engines. When you target more number of keywords for the campaign you'll get more traffic and sales for your website.

Q: What is a keyword?
Ans: The keyword means the term or word which is used to search for something like any product or service in search engines(Google/Bing etc.).

Q: Who will select the keywords for the campaign?
Ans: You are the final decision taker to choose the keywords for the campaign. We'll do a complete analysis of your website and prepare a list of keywords, which will send to you. You'll choose the best keywords for the campaign. If you want you can suggest your keywords and we'll analyze them. After our discussion, we'll select the final keywords.

Q: What are the info contains in the keyword suggestion file?
Ans: The keyword suggestion file contains the keywords and their competition and search volume.

Q: Which keywords are best for the campaign?
Ans: The keywords which are related to your website and having more search volume and low competition.

Q: Why my website needs SEO?
Ans: SEO helps your website in many ways like it makes your website search engines friendly, complete error-free website, getting higher traffic, enhance your sales, reach more and more people, technically sound website and many more ways.

Q: What are your guarantees?
Ans: We guarantee top page rankings in 90 days. Your targeted keywords will come up within the top 3 pages of search engine's ranking page. We can't guarantee any exact position because search engines are regularly updating their algorithm. So some times your website may fall in rank for some times but must come back to its original position within a very short time, due to our hard work.

Q: How you are different from others?
Ans: We are doing all the process manually. Also before starting the promotional campaign we'll do a complete analysis of the website and fix the possible issues to make the website search engine friendly.

Q: Is your SEO process are safe for our website?
Ans: As we are following search engines webmaster guidelines with hat techniques and doing all the process 100% manually, so our process is very safe for all and every type of websites.

Q: Can we use multiple SEO companies at a time?
Ans: Yes, you can but both the companies must provide different services. If the first company provides you with SEO service then the other one must provide SMO service.

Q: After signup whom I'll contact in future for my project? Who will work on my project/website?
Ans: After signup, you'll be allotted a dedicated project manager and he/she will be your one point contact to run your project smoothly. Also for every questions or requirement for your website, you can email/WhatsApp/call him when you need.

Q: Who will be my project manager?
Ans: There are 8 project managers to handle different type of projects. All our project managers are well experienced and brought many websites to the top of the search engines.

Q: Can I talk to one of your project managers before signup?
Ans: Sure, you can ask for his/her Name, Whatsapp number and email id. You can ask any questions related to your website.

Q: Do you offer a discount for multiple websites?
Ans: If you could run the campaign for 2 or more websites at a time, we do offer a 15% discount on plans starting above $200.

Q: When should I start to see the improvements?
Ans: You'll start to see the improvement from the first month of the campaign.

Q: How backlinks are important for the website?
Ans: A strong and quality backlink can help your website to rank high in search engines. Backlinks are the main and important signal for ranking improvement.

Q: Do I need to create backlinks regularly?
Ans: Yes, you need to add quality backlinks to your backlink profile regularly to stay on the top page of search engines as well as it'll help your website to beat your competitors.

Q: Could you rank all my targeted keywords on the top 5 within a month?
Ans: Not all the keywords will be on the top 5 within a month, but we must show you some improvements from the first month. There are various factors which to bring the keywords on top.

Q: Why should I do SEO for my website?
Ans: Nowadays before buying any product or service most online buyers are checking for reputation, popularity, reviews by surfing search engines. They also rely on organic results rather than paid/ad results. So SEO will help your website to get a higher ranking in search engines in an organic way.

Q: Do you have any contract?
Ans: It completely depends on you. If you want we'll prepare the service agreement and send it to you.

Q: When can I stop/cancel the campaign?
Ans: You can stop/cancel the campaign by giving 10 days advance notice. You need to notify your project manager before taking any actions.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan?
Ans: Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan at the beginning of the campaign month. You can consult with your project manager to implement this.

Q: Can I get ROI from my SEO campaign?
Ans: Yes, SEO is the best and most trusted way for online promotion for the website. It is also a cheaper advertising investment as compare to any other mode of the promotional campaign. Also, the result will be trusted by the online visitors and lasts a long period of time.

Q: Can you offer a customized SEO plan for my website?
Ans: Yes, please go through our get a quote page and provide the required information so that one of our sales managers will get back to you. Here is the link https://www.unitdigitals.com/get-a-quote

Q: What will be my SEO budget for my website?
Ans: It depends on you. We have all types of plans from low cost to high cost. So depending upon your monthly budget and your requirements you can choose any plan for our packages page. Here is the link https://www.unitdigitals.com/packages

Q: Which pricing plan is best for my website?
Ans: You can check the different pricing plans from our packages page. Every plan offered different types of services, number of targetted keywords and man-hours. So you can select any plan as per your requirements. You must assure that we are giving the same priority to each and every project. So you can choose any plan without any hesitation.

Q: How many months I need to run the campaign for the best result?
Ans: You can run the campaign for a minimum of 2-3 months to see the best result, but you can run the campaign till you want. Also, it's a best practice to run an SEO campaign regularly, so it'll help your website to rank always high in search engines.

Q: Why should I hire an SEO company for my website?
Ans: For a technically sound and error-free website, it requires different professionals who are well experienced to do the job. Also, a company can arrange for multiple employees to do different kinds of stuff and they are expert in their jobs.

Q: Is this the right decision to outsource?
Ans: You are the final decision maker and the right person to take the right decision. But when you compare all the options, you may find its the best decision to outsource. You'll get best quality, best input from number of well experienced professionals, one point solutions for your website, etc.